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Greenhills Beach is a newly listed suburb in the beachside area of Cronulla, located on the Kurnell peninsula in Sydney€™s southern suburbs. JMD design (Mather & Associates Pty Ltd) has been working closely with Australand on the project since 1999. In 2008 an agreement between Sutherland Shire Council, the landholders (one of two being Australand) and the NSW State Government was reached on 128 hectares of privately owned land to enable the Greenhills Beach development to take place.

The development involves the zoning approval for 33 hectares of low density residential land which was achieved by handing over land that contained the Kurnell peninsulas heritage dunes to Sutherland Council. Over $700,000 of rehabilitation works are being done to the heritage dune and rehabilitation works for the whole project totals more than 68 hectares and will restore natural plant communities including Coastal Dune Heath, Sydney Freshwater Wetlands, and the endangered Kurnell Dune Forest. Other works involve the construction of 10 sports fields, amenities buildings, carparking and a skate park.

As part of a multidisciplinary team including our client Australand Holdings, planners McKenzie Planning, engineers Insites and ARUP, JMD design have worked through complex approvals process.

Construction of stage 1 of the high quality residential development is well under way and includes streetscapes, wetland areas, water quality control and habitat ponds, bushland rehabilitation works, public open space areas with boardwalks and pavilions, access paths leading up to the dune embankment at Wanda beach and estate entry and signage treatment.

Rehabilitation of the bushland areas has been a major task with approximately 70% of the area having been colonised with weed species – mostly bitou bush. Jamberoo Native Nursery have been appointed to undertake the rehabilitation contract. Works to date include collection and propagation of locally indigenous plant material and selective spraying of the bitou over the flowering months last spring/summer with a good kill rate. The dead material has been carefully mulched in-situ retaining all endemic vegetation. They are now strategically placing erosion control measures and mulches to planting areas. Further mulching and planting of locally sourced plant material will take place in the coming months. These have been grown specifically in Jamberoo€™s nursery since the inception of the project.

Documentation of Stage 1A of the Greenhill’s Parklands Sporting complex is well underway.