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2013 | Knoll Remnants

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Jackson's Landing

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The project is an installation on the site of the Molasses and Rum Storage Tanks at Distillery Hill. The proposal seeks to evoke the physicality of the tanks themselves and the materiality of their contents. Rum, clear and sharp, is suggested by a rigid geometric arrangement of blade like vertical timber. The radially placed timbers are placed to demarcate the perimeter of the larger tank, hinting the volume that once stood there. The inner edge of the blades are painted black, suggesting both the dark inside of the tank and the charcoal filters used in the purification of rum. The outer edge of the blades is painted white, the colour of sugar. These edges add a graphic dimension to the work, presenting as thin lines in contrast to the bulk of the timber. The sense of enclosure provided by the timbers, spaced at 2 metre centres, will vary as the visitor moves around the park, further adding to the spatial richness of the space.

Molasses, viscous, luscious and dark brown, is suggested in the bulbous forms that trace part of the outline of one of the two smaller tanks. A dark brown precast concrete ring bench is proposed, inviting park users to sit or recline. The ring’s curved sensuous profile is reminiscent of poured molasses and stands in stark contrast to the sharpness of the rum timbers. Where the two other sculptural forms celebrate the tanks through physical defiance, the third tank is reflected by a steel ring that is subtly absorbed into the ground plane to mimic the footprint of a past relic.